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Necessary Freedom NaPoWriMo No.28: intuition

April 28, 2010
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Today’s prompt was provided by member, Julie Jordan Scott.

Take a moment to remember a breakthrough moment in your life or a “freeze-frame” moment from long, long ago. An “a-ha” or an “epiphany” moment or a moment that has a story yet to tell.

Let’s prepare to write a poem using our intuition intentionally today. Write this prompt on your page: “When I remember my “a-ha moment” from my past, I understand the place I am meant to go with my words and poetry today is … ”

Necessary Freedom

I am thinking of a time,
When all about me,
Was black;
Not black like night,
Nor even as a shadow,
But rather, as pitch,
Or better still,
The total lack of light,
One encounters in,
A subterranean space;
Total blackness.

I thought no stray,
Ray of Sol’s beaming,
Could penetrate the,
Utter darkness which was,
My life;
But, I was wrong,
Blessedly, mercifully, and
Most assuredly, wrong.

The moment came,
As a bright shining beacon,
An incandescent, and red hot,
Illuminating the Void inside my
I realized, all was not lost,
I was not lost.
I became free once more,
Free to live,
Free to choose,
Free to make mistakes,
But still,
All-in-all, Free.

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